Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Hope - Coming to a close

Hey all

It is almost completed. I am just doing one or two more things and then that is it. I think in total it has taken about 20 days of rendering to finish this film. I cannot wait for the final product and just get it out there. I have provided a few screen grabs for everyone to see.

I have already the next project in the think tank. I know what I am going to do and it is going to be far less complicated

Thank you all

Untill Next Time


Friday, 5 December 2014

Full steam ahead

Hey All

At the present moment I have someone looking over my animation. I it currently sitting about just over five minutes with about another minute to go that include credits. Here is just a small scene from the short

Thank you


Friday, 14 November 2014


Great news for myself

I have a the new GTX 980 and it is fantastic. Render times are about 280% fast which is great. I kind of had a break from modelling and animating and was playing Shadow of Mordor  and finished that. It was fantastic but im now going to get back into it. I will post a few previews on it but yeah, I cant wait for it to be finished.

Ill keep you posted

Thank you


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hitchcock Film Riot

Hey guys

So I created a short animation for this competition. I was able to animate it in three days but I rendered it twice as after the first time I had to fix some issues. It took about 20 hours each time to render

Big thank you once again to and as I was able to get many of the models from there which made me able to focus on animating.

I have put my other short film on hold as i have lost focus on it. This will hopefully now put be back on track but we shall see.

Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Thank you


Monday, 29 September 2014

Second Film

Hey Guys

The second short film is coming along nicely. I have had my actors record their voices in my owe personal recording studio that I created (Ill make a tutorial one this) and have completed all the blocking. Now is the part where I just animate. This is all I am doing now, besides playing Skyrim as a break in between. I have had a few people who have watched the blocking of the animation, and they did say that it was good, but the weren't the best to give their opinion as they did not know what they were looking for.

If someone would like to critique my animation, please leave a comment below and I will send you the link.

 The concern now is Rendering the animation. At the present moment I sit at about 5mins, and with an avg render time of 2mins per frame, its a total of 10 days of nothing but rendering. Im a looking into purchasing the GTX980 which will be a huge upgrade from my GTX560 as the 980 is about 8 times faster than the 560.

I will post some screen grabs here soon from the film, and I will go form there.

Until next time, have a great day/week

Thank you


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Shuttle Runner

Hey all

Still working on another short film and its taking its sweet time, but yeah

I did create a render though that took about four hours and did not use one tutorial in the process, so I am pretty happy with the results.

Also, is anyone able to help me get my ad-sense account reactivated. I did a stupid thing a few years ago and paid for views on youtube, but it would be good if someone could help me get it reactivated. I have tried appealing but I think it is going on def ears



Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Film making


Things are going well. I am now creating what I hope will be a 10 minute film. I have the script written and my actors cast. I do have some models already created with some test animations completed and ill add them below. I would like to hope that once this has been completed, I would like to try for a feature and go all out and get a kick starter campaign. The last film that I made got into the Woodland Film Festival which I was very please. Ill release that film soon once Google have unlocked my adsense account.

Till then, thank you